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Tahoe Resources Inc. extends congratulations to the Cultivando Agua Buena program for its receipt of the Best Water Management Practices Award from UN-Water. The award recognizes the program’s effective methodology which is designed to increase multi-stakeholder participation in order to share the responsibility of natural resource management and to fight poverty. To help accept this award, Minera San Rafael’s Sustainability Director, Guillermo Monroy, will speak today at the Innovating and Pioneering Experiences of Social Participation in Water Management: Building A Global Network conference in Foz de Iguaçu, Brazil. Mr. Monroy will share MSR’s on-going efforts to implement the Cultivando Agua Buena methodology in three communities near the Escobal mine.

To learn more about MSR’s implementation of the Cultivando Agua Buena methodology visit

Ira Gostin
Vice President, Investor Relations
(775) 448-5807

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